At the time when sun & Moon,
Faced each other.

One broken star,

Fell on the earth.

The mother smiled,

But soon realised,

His one of the child,

Has broken wing. 

He can never,

Ever make this sky,

His friend. 

Child was different,

But his uniqueness gifted him,

A Power,

Different than Others. 

One night,

Trees were screaming,

Silence warned,

About the storm. 

They had no option,

They must fly. 

Everyone flew away,

Except the bird,

With broken wing,

But he didn’t gave up,

He took a long breath,

& jumped from the tree,

With his only legs,

And magical Self. 

The way he touched The Ground,

Was like the king,

With the rare diamond crown. 

Then he found cave,

He was safe,

Storms were passed,

It was heroic,

he survived. 

He realised,

Being Different wasn’t his weakness,

It was the only thing,

Which made him powerful. 

It was a gift,

It was a blessing in disguise,

It was brave,

& powerful.

3 Essentials for success!

Everyone of us wanted to be a successful person. The definition of success varies with each human being. Following is the simplest formula for success. And as per my knowledge, we don’t need anything other than these factors.

Just imagine, you want to visit the most beautiful place in your country in your own car. To reach your destination only two things are important, without them your destination cannot be visited. Your car with fuel in it and the map, so you can find the correct way towards the destination. For success, you have to use the same analogy. Success needs the fuel in your car and the direction.

Destination –Without knowing your destination it is impossible to reach your destination, and this is common sense. But common sense is not so common. So stop wandering into to the unknown, unwanted, not so pleasurable places, and decide where you will feel happy and start the journey towards that destination.

Car with fuel– the burning desire is your car. This is what you need to Start your journey. The magnitude of this burning desire decides your chances to be successful in your life. When you have a burning desire nothing can stop you. What are the common things responsible for failure? Fears, procrastination, inaction, and list goes on. These all things can be overcome only by burning desire. But the most important thing which is ignored by people is Fuel. Burning desire needs fuel to maintain its flames. Therefore it takes the habit of motivating yourself to maintain the burning desire. It’s a continuous process.

Maps–  you will find it is easy to reach your destination if you know the correct path. If you don’t then you will be at wrong places. Therefore it is very important to have organized a plan to achieve the success. You should know what things you should do and what you shouldn’t? to avoid the failures, to make it easy to take the decisions and risks you should have a plan. So choose your destination, plan well and motivate yourself daily.

Some times, your vehicle’s wheels may stuck in the mud, engine may get damage and list goes on. But Don’t give up. Your destination is beautiful!

Most important thing, enjoy the journey as well.