How to get through tough times

Probably everyone has to face the hard times in their life. These things, can break you, Not only, mentally but physically also. Because science has always proved the negative impacts on Body because of negativity. No matter what problem you have the basic formula remains same.

1) Collect facts and analyse them. 

For some weird reason many times, problem, which doesn’t actually exist or it has no major effect on our life makes us feel down. So no matter what, whenever you think you  are in the trouble try to collect facts about your Problem. Then analyse the causes and effects. Mostly you will find problem is powerless against you or you can find the solution on it. So think on Paper.


Love, one of the most Powerful thing. Find help or share your problem with your Friends & family. I am not sure your friends & family is going to give you a perfect solution but you will feel powerful, surely. Even being with the love ones can make you feel better. It can be your pet or any other things as well.

3) Use this for constructive something. 

Your tough times can help you for something constructive. It can be opportunity for you to test yourself or to improve yourself. These tough times can be the best inspiration to create the good art. Transmute your problems into a good art.

4) Get busy. 

Try something that will keep you away from the overthinking or mental pain. Time heals the wounds. Gardening, cooking, Writing, calligraphy, list goes on, so find something that will make you busy.

5)Fake it till you make it. 

No matter what, keep your head, up in the sky. Legs deep into the ground. Don’t let  demons convince you that you are powerless. Fake it till you make it. Even science has proved fake smile can make you feel better. Fake body language can also make your subconscious mind believe something is real.


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