Mental Masturbation.

​People think they are philosophers but they are not. They love mental-mastrubation.
There is difference between philosophy and mental mastrubation. Mental mastrubation is fantasy where philosophy is real. Mental mastrubation gives pleasure and feeling of peace.  But may be philosophy not. When someone is doing the mental mastrubation they are actually searching for knowledge, fact, information that makes their beliefs strong. They are actually Striving to make their defences stronger. This is not truth. Limited knowledge, incomplete facts, false information, logical fallacy is not a way towards the truth.
Philosophy is different. It hurts, it Confuses our brain. It challenges our belief. To be exact it gives rise to the cognitive dissonance. It takes the sacrifice to get that knowledge, fact and information. Most of a times it is not something which gives a pleasure. It is not always peaceful. But it is naked truth. 
Don’t lie to yourself, choose wisely. 


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