The demons who chase me. 

The demons who chase me,

Are faster than light,

They tricked me to believe,

I am powerless & knocked me down,

Just before fight,

The music makes you deaf,

And colours makes you blind,

This is just a beginning,

Beginning of war,

It takes time to know,

War has been started,

They have a weapons,

They know how you feel,

How you react,

They know how you fight,

How you think,

They control your thoughts,

They make you feel nothing,

In the puzzle of nothing,

You will be lost,

Lost in the puzzle,

Which doesn’t actually exists,

I am no warrior,

They can catch me,

Whenever they want to,

But I know them,

More than me,

We have spent time together,

And we still,

I am perfectly fine with them,

They are like pain,

But I fell in love with it,

Yes, I fell in love with demons,

Who chase me…


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