At the time when sun & Moon,
Faced each other.

One broken star,

Fell on the earth.

The mother smiled,

But soon realised,

His one of the child,

Has broken wing. 

He can never,

Ever make this sky,

His friend. 

Child was different,

But his uniqueness gifted him,

A Power,

Different than Others. 

One night,

Trees were screaming,

Silence warned,

About the storm. 

They had no option,

They must fly. 

Everyone flew away,

Except the bird,

With broken wing,

But he didn’t gave up,

He took a long breath,

& jumped from the tree,

With his only legs,

And magical Self. 

The way he touched The Ground,

Was like the king,

With the rare diamond crown. 

Then he found cave,

He was safe,

Storms were passed,

It was heroic,

he survived. 

He realised,

Being Different wasn’t his weakness,

It was the only thing,

Which made him powerful. 

It was a gift,

It was a blessing in disguise,

It was brave,

& powerful.


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